Using An Internet Time Clock For Your Business

With advancing technology, many businesses use an internet time clock to keep track of employees hours to ensure that they are paid correctly for the time they work. Paper time cards and other timekeeping methods can result in costly errors for your business. Also, payroll processes can take more time to complete each pay period.

Internet time clocks will save your business time and money. Time clocks have changed since early devices, becoming more sophisticated and accurate. It used to be that you had to enter manually all time card information, which could result in human errors that had to be found and fixed.

Today’s time clocks use network connections to transmit information directly to the appropriate files quickly. Some internet time clocks use modems to transmit the information, but this can result in a delay before you can access the information. With network connections, you can have almost real-time access to the data.

Time clocks that use the internet can operate from any computer with an internet access or through a card reader connected to such a computer. You can also use fingerprint readers or finger scans for biometric validation, which provides additional security for sensitive work environments and projects. This prevents one person from impersonating another and signing in for them or gaining access to locations or materials that you want to protect.

By using an internet time clock, you’ll have access to virtually instant reports of who has clocked in, detailed and summary reports that you can customize for a variety of information, and project tracking. The information recorded can be exported into payroll software to save you the time and money of having to import it manually.

You can also use the information collected by the time clock to calculate automatically overtime or vacation benefits and apply this to payroll calculations. Likewise, because the information is stored digitally, you can create reports at any time about overtime hours for a particular person, project, or the entire company for various periods of time. Want to know how much overtime was put in over the last month by employees on a certain project and how this compares to the same period last year? It’s easy to find the information and create a report for investors.

Many companies offer internet time clocks for use with various sized businesses. They may charge a standard monthly fee or charge per employee who uses the service. You can also purchase programs that will work within your network and can be customized for your particular situation.

When looking at programs and companies, you should pay attention to accuracy and reliability. Unless the time clocks are available when you need them to be, and they record the information you need them to, the system will be of no use to you and will cause more headaches than its worth. Look for demonstrated, verifiable reliability and accuracy.

An internet time clock can save your business time and money. Employees will like how easy it is to clock in and you’ll love the added flexibility you have with the stored data and real-time information. Payroll will become easier to track and maintain for each pay date as well.

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