The Top 8 Free and Open Source Time Clock Software Systems

Modern technology has made it easy for people to revolutionize better ways of managing their businesses and more especially their employees. We are living in a competitive world where you have to be smart in your business if you want to make profits and attract more customers. The employee scheduling software makes it easy to manage time in a business. Below are the top 8 free and open source time clock software systems.

Anuko time tracker

Anuko time tracker is one of the common time trackers that we have. It is installed in the form of a web-based system. Anuko is free open source tracking software that you can either host it yourself or hire the company to host if for you.  It has the ability to host up to 5 employees for free. If you are starting a company, this is the best time tracker to have. Click here!

CKZ time clock

CKZ time clock is time clock software that is specifically for windows. With this kind of software you can manage up to 3 employees only for free but if you want to increase the number of employees you only need to upgrade the software for a price of around $49.99. This software allows real time employee monitoring, easy payroll reporting, time and attendance monitoring and it is able to track vacation time, holiday pay and sick days.


Kimai is free open source time tracking software that is common in most companies. This type of software is compatible with Mac, Linux and Windows. The main advantage of having this software is that it can be downloaded for free. It is good in tracking the time the employees work and it is mainly focused on simplicity.

Open time clock

This basic version of the open time clock is not actually open source as the name suggests. The most important thing about this software is that it is free and can be used by unlimited employees or users. The unfortunate thing about using this software is that it does not have a web-camera functionality. To upgrade the open time clock to standard plan you are required to have $200 and this is per year.

PHP Time clock

The PHP time clock is a simple time clock system that is web-based. It is effective to use and it has been there for a long time now. It can enable you to track the employee time, breaks and also vacations. It enables employees to view or see their time card and this is a feature that most time clock software doesn’t have.

Time clock MTS

The time clock MTS is mainly installed for windows computers.  There is a free version of this software that allows you to manage at least 3 employees and after that you are supposed to upgrade it for a onetime fee of around $79. It has a free time sheet calculator.

Time clock wizard

This employee scheduling software is easy to use and is totally free for unlimited number of employees and users. It has other features like reimbursements and timesheets. It has the ability to notify the employees by text or even email if there is any change in schedule.


The TimeTrex is advantages in the sense that it has no limits on users, employees or even time. You can download it for free but it only works for Mac, windows and the Linux computers. Its main features include employee scheduling, direct deposit functionality, benefit calculations and time and attendance.