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5 Advantages of Using a Time Clock and Attendance Software

Using time clocks and attendance softwares makes it easier to check the time employees spend working. According to Aberdeen Group’s 2010 report The Future of Core HR, only 50% of organizations use time and attendance software systems. For some reason, the adoption of attendance software is at odds with similarly positioned HR systems.

Companies that are not using this type of software may be wonder why is it so important. James Holincheck from Gartner says “Historically, time and attendance software was [simply] focused on the time clock and using that to pay people”. Since new software moved beyond just timekeeping, attendance technology nowadays is focused on providing management data through reports, matching the staffing resources supply and demand, expense approval automating time. Here are 5 major advantages of using a time clock and attendance software;

It Boosts Productivity

Collecting time cards and entering the data into a payroll system can be time consuming and tiresome. It can take can take several hours which could be spent in a more effective way. Free time clock and attendance software eliminate the need of wasting time in this way as it considerably reduces the amount of time needed to process your payroll.

Using free time clock and attendance software makes sure that everything is in one place so you can send the data to your payroll solution with no need to re-enter the data manually. This provides you accurate processing and it takes around 20 minutes per pay period. In turn, reducing … Read the rest

Factors That Make Online Timesheets Highly Beneficial for Employers

Online timesheet pays to tool used by a company to manage to keep a check on their employee’s activities. Time management is a significant factor that really should not be ignored by an employee or the corporation. To combat competition, it is necessary that every individual who is performing tasks within a team should wisely distribute their perfect time to enhance the productivity of the company.

Time tracking for employees

Many people stay the whole day in the office and execute tasks that might be completed in just a couple of hours.

If a business wishes to develop with the time, chances are they’ll evaluate and monitor every one of the tasks performed by the employees. It is impossible to track manual activities of the employees, and when it is automated, and then you can do the assessments easily.

Timesheets: cost-effective and convenient

Online timesheet is a cost-effective and convenient tool you can use for evaluating the performance of the employees, who work upon computer whole day. It helps to observe progress by visualizing some time spent on different actions throughout the day such as interesting graphs. Online timesheet pays to for businesses, as it can be operated from anywhere. Employees can log attendance whenever they are out on the field for different work requirements. It is also beneficial for freelancers who work on hourly basis.

They can easily charge their clients on the time stored in the application. Not only time operations, however, but it can also double to … Read the rest