Electronic Time Clock: One Solution To Many Problems

Gone are the days when attendance registers or traditional time clocks were used in the offices to monitor attendance of the employees. Today, with the use of electronic time clock systems, the work of tracking the attendance and work hours has become easy and accurate.

Earlier the companies used to maintain a time sheet where each employee had to write down the time in and time out. The method was manual and, hence, full of human errors. This also resulted in the poor payroll process. However, with the invention of electronic time clocks, the tracking has become easy and simple and leads to error-free payroll process.

In this method, the employees have to punch or swipe their time cards in a machine that records their time of coming in and going out. Better still, in the biometric system, finger, palm or retina imprints are scanned by the machine. It matches the imprints of the individual with the pre-recorded images and allows entry to authorized personnel only. This improves security.

Today, different time clock software are also designed for various small and large organizations. The employee time software consists of computer based time clocks and timekeeping solutions that offer a routine tracking of employee time in and time out over local area network. They are more efficient and easy to use. Find out related information here.

The system helps the employees to log in to work using a computer terminal. The employees may also swipe the card through a reader on a computer. There are also some companies that permit the employees to use the internet to report the total number of working hours.

Another advantage of the web-based or biometric electronic time clock is that it eliminates the possibility of cheating by any of the employees on behalf of others.

These electronic time clocks also double as payroll systems. They analyze and generate the number of work hours put in by an employee. This data can be downloaded directly into a payroll software program for the collation and the production of the paychecks. Thus, the production of the paychecks from becomes easy and free of discrepancies.

However, before choosing any clock for your company or organization, it is advisable to consider the convenience and smart solutions provided by various companies. Also, compare the prices offered by two different companies.

In the age of competition and intense economic environment, the need for the security and verification of the employees is a must.

Thus, electronic time clock systems have become a part of every big and small organization.