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3 Criteria for Choosing Employee Scheduling Software

Regardless of whether you’ve been doing business for some time or as of late opened shop, in case you’re perusing this present, it’s likely in light of the fact that you’ve grasped the 21st century, dumped your printed Excel spreadsheets and chose that an employee scheduling software is precisely what you require. Within excess of 500 various types of software out there, all asserting to be the best, how would you know which one is the best fit?

To settle on the choice simpler, here are three key criteria to consider before picking an employee scheduling software:

Will It Solve Your Unique Pain Points?

Each business has distinctive difficulties they confront with regards to HR, including dealing with your workforce. Indeed, even inside a similar industry, a coffeehouse may have inconceivably unexpected issues in comparison to the one crosswise over town; for example, an area close to a neighborhood school may make it significantly less demanding to discover great employees. Before examining employee scheduling software, it’s critical to first recognize the reasons you require it in the lead position. Pose the accompanying inquiries:

  • Do you experience issues rapidly getting shifts secured?
  • Is your finance some of the time late, mistaken or taking up excessively of your chance?
  • Is your business developing so rapidly that you have to accelerate the employing or onboarding process?
  • Is there a steady breakdown in correspondence between your groups?

Not all employee scheduling software are made an equivalent. On the off chance that you have … Read the rest

Why You Should Be Tracking Time for Salaried Employees

Time tracking for employees is very important. If you don’t track your employees and their time then you could be paying far more than you should. However, when it comes to an employee who is salaried, should you do the same? Well, in truth there are a lot of businesses who don’t in fact track the times of a salaried worker simply because they think they’re in a position of authority and trust. While it might seem like a bad idea to time track a salaried worker it can in fact be ideal! Not sure why? Read on to find out more.

You Could End Up Paying For Time the Employee Is Sitting At Home

While you think you can trust the employee can you really? What if the employee spends hours sitting at home when they should be working? If that happens you are technically paying them to sit at home. Is that right? Of course it isn’t and it shouldn’t be happening either. Online employee scheduling software can be great and tracking the time of a salaried employee is vital. You have to think about if you are going to pay for the employee to sit at home.

An Hour Worked Is an Hour Paid

Let’s say your employee works three hours for an eight hour shift and then suddenly goes home or doesn’t do the work they are supposed to? Well, if that happens it’s money that’s lost! You are paying for the employee to sit at … Read the rest

The Top 8 Free and Open Source Time Clock Software Systems

Modern technology has made it easy for people to revolutionize better ways of managing their businesses and more especially their employees. We are living in a competitive world where you have to be smart in your business if you want to make profits and attract more customers. The employee scheduling software makes it easy to manage time in a business. Below are the top 8 free and open source time clock software systems.

Anuko time tracker

Anuko time tracker is one of the common time trackers that we have. It is installed in the form of a web-based system. Anuko is free open source tracking software that you can either host it yourself or hire the company to host if for you.  It has the ability to host up to 5 employees for free. If you are starting a company, this is the best time tracker to have. Click here!

CKZ time clock

CKZ time clock is time clock software that is specifically for windows. With this kind of software you can manage up to 3 employees only for free but if you want to increase the number of employees you only need to upgrade the software for a price of around $49.99. This software allows real time employee monitoring, easy payroll reporting, time and attendance monitoring and it is able to track vacation time, holiday pay and sick days.


Kimai is free open source time tracking software that is common in most companies. This type of software is … Read the rest

5 Advantages of Using a Time Clock and Attendance Software

Using time clocks and attendance softwares makes it easier to check the time employees spend working. According to Aberdeen Group’s 2010 report The Future of Core HR, only 50% of organizations use time and attendance software systems. For some reason, the adoption of attendance software is at odds with similarly positioned HR systems.

Companies that are not using this type of software may be wonder why is it so important. James Holincheck from Gartner says “Historically, time and attendance software was [simply] focused on the time clock and using that to pay people”. Since new software moved beyond just timekeeping, attendance technology nowadays is focused on providing management data through reports, matching the staffing resources supply and demand, expense approval automating time. Here are 5 major advantages of using a time clock and attendance software;

It Boosts Productivity

Collecting time cards and entering the data into a payroll system can be time consuming and tiresome. It can take can take several hours which could be spent in a more effective way. Free time clock and attendance software eliminate the need of wasting time in this way as it considerably reduces the amount of time needed to process your payroll.

Using free time clock and attendance software makes sure that everything is in one place so you can send the data to your payroll solution with no need to re-enter the data manually. This provides you accurate processing and it takes around 20 minutes per pay period. In turn, reducing … Read the rest

Using An Internet Time Clock For Your Business

With advancing technology, many businesses use an internet time clock to keep track of employees hours to ensure that they are paid correctly for the time they work. Paper time cards and other timekeeping methods can result in costly errors for your business. Also, payroll processes can take more time to complete each pay period.

Internet time clocks will save your business time and money. Time clocks have changed since early devices, becoming more sophisticated and accurate. It used to be that you had to enter manually all time card information, which could result in human errors that had to be found and fixed.

Today’s time clocks use network connections to transmit information directly to the appropriate files quickly. Some internet time clocks use modems to transmit the information, but this can result in a delay before you can access the information. With network connections, you can have almost real-time access to the data.

Time clocks that use the internet can operate from any computer with an internet access or through a card reader connected to such a computer. You can also use fingerprint readers or finger scans for biometric validation, which provides additional security for sensitive work environments and projects. This prevents one person from impersonating another and signing in for them or gaining access to locations or materials that you want to protect.

By using an internet time clock, you’ll have access to virtually instant reports of who has clocked in, detailed and summary reports that you can … Read the rest

Factors That Make Online Timesheets Highly Beneficial for Employers

Online timesheet pays to tool used by a company to manage to keep a check on their employee’s activities. Time management is a significant factor that really should not be ignored by an employee or the corporation. To combat competition, it is necessary that every individual who is performing tasks within a team should wisely distribute their perfect time to enhance the productivity of the company.

Time tracking for employees

Many people stay the whole day in the office and execute tasks that might be completed in just a couple of hours.

If a business wishes to develop with the time, chances are they’ll evaluate and monitor every one of the tasks performed by the employees. It is impossible to track manual activities of the employees, and when it is automated, and then you can do the assessments easily.

Timesheets: cost-effective and convenient

Online timesheet is a cost-effective and convenient tool you can use for evaluating the performance of the employees, who work upon computer whole day. It helps to observe progress by visualizing some time spent on different actions throughout the day such as interesting graphs. Online timesheet pays to for businesses, as it can be operated from anywhere. Employees can log attendance whenever they are out on the field for different work requirements. It is also beneficial for freelancers who work on hourly basis.

They can easily charge their clients on the time stored in the application. Not only time operations, however, but it can also double to … Read the rest

Online Timesheet Software! Get Accurate Figures And Projections

In all kinds of industries in companies big and small, you will observe timesheets used – these are sheets that keep an eye on employee work time, time off and how much cash is owed to these individuals. These sheets are excellent methods for monitoring how your entire business is running in addition to individual performances, that they are utilized so widely across every type of work. Having your employees fill up them in manually weekly and then figuring out and about expenses, projected costs and more could be difficult.

However – often there is the risk of individual error and miscalculations, but there is now a terrific way to have up-to-date, accurate figures and projections though that will greatly benefit your company and provide help to identify any financial complications.

Timesheets are easier and manageable

There is online software useful to track time worked in addition to expense tracking and much more, and this software will most likely make yours and everyone else’s job much easier. This handy and simple to use software will make timesheets incredibly easier and more manageable, and because the Time computer time sheets software is well designed and simple to use it means that it could seamlessly be integrated into your online business and how you operate.

Employees can directly enter time they have worked on different projects to help you easily keep track of the USB ports – this will assist you to see if they are working on the right things at … Read the rest