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Why You Should Be Tracking Time for Salaried Employees

Time tracking for employees is very important. If you don’t track your employees and their time then you could be paying far more than you should. However, when it comes to an employee who is salaried, should you do the same? Well, in truth there are a lot of businesses who don’t in fact track the times of a salaried worker simply because they think they’re in a position of authority and trust. While it might seem like a bad idea to time track a salaried worker it can in fact be ideal! Not sure why? Read on to find out more.

You Could End Up Paying For Time the Employee Is Sitting At Home

While you think you can trust the employee can you really? What if the employee spends hours sitting at home when they should be working? If that happens you are technically paying them to sit at home. Is that right? Of course it isn’t and it shouldn’t be happening either. Online employee scheduling software can be great and tracking the time of a salaried employee is vital. You have to think about if you are going to pay for the employee to sit at home.

An Hour Worked Is an Hour Paid

Let’s say your employee works three hours for an eight hour shift and then suddenly goes home or doesn’t do the work they are supposed to? Well, if that happens it’s money that’s lost! You are paying for the employee to sit at … Read the rest

6-Brainer Ways to Track Employee Time

Vital to every business is accurately time tracking for employees.  Equally important is choosing an efficient attendance monitoring system that’s not time-consuming and troublesome for employees. Normally, data becomes unreliable for labor records, confirming and other duties that depend on accuracy.

The key is reviewing what is on the marketplace and deciding on the best solution. Listed below are the simplest way to track staff hours that can help HR.

Track remote control employees with a mobile attendance system.

Time tracking for employeeswhen they work from any office or service is difficult without a mobile attendance system. These details is included with the payroll system for correct working hours.

Global positioning dish, commonly called GPS, works on mobile phones. Employers confirm time from data collected through the GPS-enabled company mobile so actions are tracked lawfully.

Use wall support card swipes.

Wall mounted greeting card swipes stand for the modified version of the punch card system. Instead of a timecard, employees use their Identification to clock in and out. Data automatically transfers to a computer where hours worked well are calculated for employee attendance.

Ensure hours are complete, correct and current.

A best practice for checking employee hours is to truly have a system that streamlines the Time tracking for employeescapturing process. This provides accurate information for faster payroll and other confirming mechanisms. If the system is manual or computerized, difficult areas of traffic monitoring and approving employee time become harder with a system that is not followed … Read the rest

How to Keep Track of Employee Hours

Why you need Time tracking for employees? Companies have felt the need to have good managers, as no two employees are a like. Companies hire their employees for their services and them in turn to get paid for doing so. There will be instances when the focus of the employees gets wavered. They can get attracted to unproductive activities and there by create a negative point in the company’s business.

It is in this case scenario; managers have to play their part and try to bring out the best from his/her subordinates using employee scheduling software.

Usage of employee tracking software

Over the past few years, the usage of employee scheduling software has created an impact in the corporate world. It keeps a track on the employees who chat on phone or online, while they are being paid for doing something else.

Identifying the top performers

The software also helps in identifying the top performers and rewards them suitably. Deviating from the tasks at hand can impact the businesses at will. Hence, monitoring the employee’s evolution through this software can be useful. In the years gone by, spy cameras were employed to keep a track on the employees. However, with modern and reliable software at hand, the traditional methods have made way for them.

What an effective Employee scheduling software?

An effective employee tracking software can keep an eye on the workers from nine to five. It may not be essential to check all the activities of a worker, … Read the rest

The Top 8 Free and Open Source Time Clock Software Systems

Modern technology has made it easy for people to revolutionize better ways of managing their businesses and more especially their employees. We are living in a competitive world where you have to be smart in your business if you want to make profits and attract more customers. The employee scheduling software makes it easy to manage time in a business. Below are the top 8 free and open source time clock software systems.

Anuko time tracker

Anuko time tracker is one of the common time trackers that we have. It is installed in the form of a web-based system. Anuko is free open source tracking software that you can either host it yourself or hire the company to host if for you.  It has the ability to host up to 5 employees for free. If you are starting a company, this is the best time tracker to have. Click here!

CKZ time clock

CKZ time clock is time clock software that is specifically for windows. With this kind of software you can manage up to 3 employees only for free but if you want to increase the number of employees you only need to upgrade the software for a price of around $49.99. This software allows real time employee monitoring, easy payroll reporting, time and attendance monitoring and it is able to track vacation time, holiday pay and sick days.


Kimai is free open source time tracking software that is common in most companies. This type of software is … Read the rest

4 Tips for Better Employee Scheduling: Avoid Scheduling Abuses and Save Money

Disgracefully, time theft is normal practice in today’s working environment. It is not abnormal for representatives to cover for different workers by punching them in or out online employee scheduling software. This can be particularly valid for organizations that utilize the conventional paper time sheets. Without time tracking for employees, it can be exceptionally testing to keep exact track of representative attendances and time and much more hard to stop workers who periodically mishandle the framework.

Consider it: representatives enjoy a 40 moment free time rather than 30 minutes. Possibly they leave 10 minutes before their day of work closures and a colleague covers for them. These little robberies of time do include, it is assessed that a normal worker takes almost 54 minutes of each working day from his or her boss. If only you had a time tracking calculator to do all of this!

All in all, how would you lessen your presentation to time clock misuse? The best procedure is to be proactive in your methodology.

  • In the first place, when you meet and contract representatives, set the desire from the earliest starting point that they are to stick to their booked work time and designated breaks.
  • Most representatives who cheat their times don’t do it because of threat; they more than likely feel that nobody truly minds. You have to tell them that there is a proper system there for catching the time theft so that they will not do this after wards. More explained
Read the rest

Electronic Time Clock: One Solution To Many Problems

Gone are the days when attendance registers or traditional time clocks were used in the offices to monitor attendance of the employees. Today, with the use of electronic time clock systems, the work of tracking the attendance and work hours has become easy and accurate.

Earlier the companies used to maintain a time sheet where each employee had to write down the time in and time out. The method was manual and, hence, full of human errors. This also resulted in the poor payroll process. However, with the invention of electronic time clocks, the tracking has become easy and simple and leads to error-free payroll process.

In this method, the employees have to punch or swipe their time cards in a machine that records their time of coming in and going out. Better still, in the biometric system, finger, palm or retina imprints are scanned by the machine. It matches the imprints of the individual with the pre-recorded images and allows entry to authorized personnel only. This improves security.

Today, different time clock software are also designed for various small and large organizations. The employee time software consists of computer based time clocks and timekeeping solutions that offer a routine tracking of employee time in and time out over local area network. They are more efficient and easy to use. Find out related information here.

The system helps the employees to log in to work using a computer terminal. The employees may also swipe the card through a reader … Read the rest

Benefits Of Attendance Time Clock

Attendance time clock is basically used to track the attendance of the employees of a company or an organization. It is an instrument or equipment to keep the record of the hours of an employee in an organization.

There are various types of time clocks, which record the attendance of the employees regularly that helps in the payroll process. Many government and private organizations and institutions use the time clocks to track the employees attendance.

The time clocks, apart from tracking the attendance, also help in recording other data related to it like the working hours. Some of the common attendance equipment are classified in three categories. These are computer timekeeper oriented, time clock oriented, and computer entry or employee oriented. Other such systems include attendance tracking software, timers, recorders biometric and proximity readers and other personnel control and security accessories.

The selection of the employee attendance clock system from the vast variety available makes it a difficult task. The clock may range from the mechanical to the latest PC based time clocks

The mechanical attendance time clocks are the most popular devices for companies that consist of hundreds of employees. Their use emerged during the Industrial Revolution. The employee time clocks require the workers to punch in and out whenever they come and go from the office. The clock keeps a record of the number of times a worker arrived and left. Based on the number of working hours, the salary of the employees is given to them. It … Read the rest

3 Simple Methods You Can Use to Calculate Salary

Employees must receive a commission for the function they do; it is the employer’s responsibility to make certain this happens for an instant the use of Employee scheduling software. You possibly can handle employee payroll in different ways, such since manually, with an advanced in-house system or outsourcing it to your payroll service. Each and every system requires unique tasks. In case, manual payment does not require direct deposit, but an advanced in-house system has that capability. Regardless of the method used, many general principles utilize when calculating personnel salary.

Gathering the necessary information

The first part of how to compute payroll is gathering the essential information. We can keep them fill out a work Application Form. This will likely tell us their full names, delivery dates, home handle, work history, in the event any, and someone to call regarding the emergency.

We need to have them fill out a Federal Type W-4, and a related state form, which tells us the best way to calculate the figure to withhold when many of us file taxes. Also, find locality they have a home in. Is it a city or maybe a township, for illustration, and then find out if there is a local levy. Have them complete a Form I-9, in the Department of Immigration. This tells us they are legally allowed to figure in the Employee scheduling software.

How much and how often to pay them

Second! Take care of what you need to calculate payroll would … Read the rest

Employee Income Calculation with Labor Time Tracker

At this point, you can track the contractor and employee are doing the job time and evaluate their working efficiency from the common use of time tracking software. At found, time tracker comes with a great deal of technically advanced features to have detailed and summarized view epidermis time-based records. Such style of application suites is usually packed with different tools to help different time tracking as well as billing operations.

Online employee scheduling software

Employee Income Calculation using Labor Time Tracker Paying your employee following monthly work is not always easy to do. One has to deal with every recent activity of month linked to a different kind of foliage employee take, different holidays, half days and working hours of every day. Calculations for a month to month salary of the employee, who did not be employed by whole month is calculated by making use formulas.

Time tracking for employees

Integrated solutions with regards to Time tracking for employee’s software suites have the capability enough to manage shoppers, employees, and projects. They involve time tracking in addition to time & billing programs. These natural make use of and also deliver billing with tracking of billable as well as non-billable time records. Find more details in this post.

Next is consideration of half days through the employee.

Generally in 9 hours daytime if an employee works for 5 hours then it can be considered as a half day and when working hours are smaller than this then full day leave … Read the rest