Benefits Of Attendance Time Clock

Attendance time clock is basically used to track the attendance of the employees of a company or an organization. It is an instrument or equipment to keep the record of the hours of an employee in an organization.

There are various types of time clocks, which record the attendance of the employees regularly that helps in the payroll process. Many government and private organizations and institutions use the time clocks to track the employees attendance.

The time clocks, apart from tracking the attendance, also help in recording other data related to it like the working hours. Some of the common attendance equipment are classified in three categories. These are computer timekeeper oriented, time clock oriented, and computer entry or employee oriented. Other such systems include attendance tracking software, timers, recorders biometric and proximity readers and other personnel control and security accessories.

The selection of the employee attendance clock system from the vast variety available makes it a difficult task. The clock may range from the mechanical to the latest PC based time clocks

The mechanical attendance time clocks are the most popular devices for companies that consist of hundreds of employees. Their use emerged during the Industrial Revolution. The employee time clocks require the workers to punch in and out whenever they come and go from the office. The clock keeps a record of the number of times a worker arrived and left. Based on the number of working hours, the salary of the employees is given to them. It produces a report that is used for calculation of the payroll at the end of the week.

Apart from the mechanical time clock, PC based time clocks are also becoming popular. They keep a record of the worker’s start and stop times and eliminate the requirement for time cards and badges. This software creates the reports that have holiday, shift, overtime and pay period policies.

Nowadays the record of the attendance of the employees can also be maintained online. There are various companies that have their websites to provide the online employee time clocks. These websites provide each individual a password and an ID for the security reasons. This also eliminates the possibility of any kind of fraud made by one employee to punch for the other. This outperforms the manual procedure of punching.

Thus, attendance time clock has become important for the smooth working of a company. Its style and functions may keep developing but its basic use will remain the same- to keep record of attendance.