6-Brainer Ways to Track Employee Time

Vital to every business is accurately time tracking for employees.  Equally important is choosing an efficient attendance monitoring system that’s not time-consuming and troublesome for employees. Normally, data becomes unreliable for labor records, confirming and other duties that depend on accuracy.

The key is reviewing what is on the marketplace and deciding on the best solution. Listed below are the simplest way to track staff hours that can help HR.

Track remote control employees with a mobile attendance system.

Time tracking for employeeswhen they work from any office or service is difficult without a mobile attendance system. These details is included with the payroll system for correct working hours.

Global positioning dish, commonly called GPS, works on mobile phones. Employers confirm time from data collected through the GPS-enabled company mobile so actions are tracked lawfully.

Use wall support card swipes.

Wall mounted greeting card swipes stand for the modified version of the punch card system. Instead of a timecard, employees use their Identification to clock in and out. Data automatically transfers to a computer where hours worked well are calculated for employee attendance.

Ensure hours are complete, correct and current.

A best practice for checking employee hours is to truly have a system that streamlines the Time tracking for employeescapturing process. This provides accurate information for faster payroll and other confirming mechanisms. If the system is manual or computerized, difficult areas of traffic monitoring and approving employee time become harder with a system that is not followed consistently.

Have an automated system for regulatory conformity.

Accurate monitoring is also important for meeting the numerous regulatory requirements. Main among these for U.S. companies is the Good Labor Standards Work. Any monitoring solution should make it easy to comply with government restrictions and internal plans.

Common causes of noncompliance is from inaccurate or limited recordkeeping. Using an robotic system to keep tabs on Time tracking for employees can help to reduce errors, and prevent costly litigation that comes from noncompliance.

Utilize attendance software that employees can embrace.

Having the ability to view and monitor attendance data in a single centralized system provides remarkable value to a firm. Employees can review their hours did the trick, as well as accrued time and available I’ll leave. These features contribute to employees readily implementing the attendance software.


Time tracking for employeesis the least favorite task for most employees. An easy system requiring little work and training will improve likelihood of buy-in which makes the selection a good investment.


Employees also appreciate a self-service system. This removes the need to contact HR with questions about pay or time-off balances.

 Select a system that easily integrates with other applications.

Using software that is focused on acquiring data only solve area of the solution when looking to discover the best ways to time tracking for employees. The other part is the ability to share data with other applications.

That is very critical for payroll, time off and conformity needs. Ideally, exchange and integration of data should be seamless.

Centralized Operations Deliver the Best Ways to Track Employee Hours

Establishing a time tracking for employee’s data makes it easier for employees and management match work hours. By deciding on the best solution, companies can have a time and attendance that is fast, simple and hassle-free. For more info visit: Timeclockgenie.com